created by William Sandy & Amy Lauren Photography

Flared Rebel

This was the photoshoot that concluded my project of sustainable fashion. I wanted to be based in the outdoors for making the statement of the environmental impact in relation to sustainability. Using natural light with a on camera flash, I was aiming for the fashion in this case the trousers communicating the commercial aspect of fashion photography. 

The idea behind the project based on sustainability came from wanting to further my fashion photography and focusing in on experimenting with my camera skills, mainly canon lenses. 

The intentions were to help refine my photographic area for my final major show.  It considers the importance of experimentation with shooting, potential edits I could create, post-production and the presentation methods that came from this i.e. wall piece. 

The potential of strategies to achieve and in order to articulate the visuals from my fashion shoots with the conceptual theme of 90's fashion and idea of sustainability.